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Pachhadlela (2008) is a Hindi Movie. Produced and directed by Sudhir Mishra, the film stars Sanjay Dutt, Soha Ali Khan and Mohan Agashe in lead roles. The movie tells us the story of two estranged lovers, who after 27 years of separation meet again and live to tell their story. It is a film about family ties and their healing power.Pachhadlela (2008) starts with Reema (Soha Ali Khan), who lives in London as an adult single mother; we hear her voice-over describing her meeting with Vinod once when she was ten years old. The story goes back to the time when Vinod and Reema were inseparable and used to call each other 'Doodh-bhaag' and 'Chikni' (a colloquial description of their friendship).After graduating, Reema moves to New York City, where she meets and marries Jacob (Mohan Agashe) a struggling Executive in a leading ad agency. Jacob is a very hard working person who does not like wasting time, his mother still remembers how he would play cricket during his childhood. Also she can see that Jacob loves Reema too much to make her unhappy. One day, while returning from work, Reema gets into an accident and breaks her leg. After release from the hospital, Reema wants Jacob to take leave for at least six months. However, Jacob wants her to be with him at all times, which makes Reema angry. When Jacob tries to bring changes in Reema's life she rejects. One night when Jacob is trying to make peace with her, he drugs her drink and next day he tries again with the same drug but this time, they are caught by their landlord who forces them apart. Later, they are arrested by the police for possession of illegal drugs and sentenced to one year of imprisonment. Reema goes back to London while Jacob is sent to prison. Jacob calls Reema and asks her to come back to him; however, she does not respond and ignores the call. Meanwhile, in New York, Jacob's mother (Jaya Bhaduri) has a heart attack and is admitted to the hospital where she dies. Jacob gets out of jail but he discovers that Reema has left for India. He then leaves for India to find her.A few days later Reema meets Vinod (Sanjay Dutt), an old friend of hers who now lives as a beggar on the streets of Delhi. Vinod and his friend (Hari Om Sharan) do some gardening work for Reema's parents' home. There Vinod is shocked to learn that Reema had been married to Jacob and the two had been separated some time ago. Reema is as shocked as he as she had no clue of this.Reema wants to look for Jacob but Vinod wants her to stay with him instead, during a conversation he tells her that he fell in love with her when she was ten years old and that his love for her has not changed. She wants to leave him but he insists she stays back as his friend, finally she does so on the condition that they will not meet each other again.


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